Break Closing

The College’s residence halls are closed during Thanksgiving, Spring and Winter Breaks. Students may submit a request to stay on campus during Thanksgiving and Spring breaks by completing the online ‘Break Stay Request Form’ for the corresponding break. Students are reminded that these are requests, and they are subject to approval or denial.

Specific Information about the hall closing will be given to all residence hall students approximately two weeks prior to each break period. The dates and times of the hall closings is available for the entire year on the academic calendar. Students and their families are encouraged to check the Academic Calendar on the College’s website for the schedule of the semester. The residence halls, campus-owned houses, and college apartments, as well as the campus dining facilities remain open during fall and Easter break, free of charge to all students.

All students not staying on campus during the break must complete the Closing Checklist before they leave for break. The complete closing list should be taped to their room door after the last resident leaves the room for break. For health and safety reasons, residential life staff will enter each room when the residents have left to verify that the checklist is complete. It is at this point in the semester that the College also conducts the health and safety checks of all residential buildings. If rooms are found to not be in compliance with campus policies or health and safety standards, staff will take necessary action, at their discretion, and fines may be issued where necessary.