Student Handbook (Blue Book)

Please reference the Blue Book, a tradition at Illinois College, to guide you through the academic year. The Blue Book contains policies, procedures and descriptions of Illinois College offices and programs.

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The Illinois College Code of Student Organization Conduct is adapted from The Dyad Strategies Model Code of Student Organization Conduct and is used here with permission.

Residential Living Community Responsibility

Illinois College believes that living on campus is an important aspect of a private, liberal arts education. Studies have shown that students who live on campus are more involved and have a higher retention rate and a better overall college experience.

It is the policy of Illinois College and the Office of Residential Life that students share in the responsibility of setting and maintaining a studious and respectful environment in the campus residence halls and apartments. Resident students are entitled to an atmosphere that facilitates personal growth and encourages the pursuit of academic endeavors. Each student shares in the effort to maintain a high quality of residential life. Students should at all times exercise self-discipline and should consider and respect the rights and privileges of others.

Students are responsible for what occurs in their room, what is in their room and the guests in their room. It is a privilege to be a part of the Illinois College residential community and to be a part of this institution. Any behavior which detracts from the image or reputation of Illinois
College will not be tolerated and may result in judicial action.