Break Housing

Academic breaks provide an opportunity for students to relax or participate in activities that enrich their academic or personal experiences. Students are expected to leave campus during the extended breaks to re-energize and prepare for the remainder of the academic year. It is for this reason that the halls are closed during Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks. The on-campus dining facilities are closed during these breaks.

The College understands that some students live at a distance that does not make it feasible to go home during Thanksgiving or Spring break. Students whose home address (as recorded with the College) is 500 miles or more away from campus are eligible to stay in campus housing during the Thanksgiving and Spring Break periods when the residence halls are closed, for free, as long as proper stay request procedures are followed.

Students whose recorded home address is within a 500 mile radius from campus may request to stay on campus during the break period by completing the same Request to Stay Form for the break; these students are responsible for a $15 per night charge to stay on campus over the break. Students within the 500 mile radius whom may find it difficult to cover the costs of their stay over the break may request assistance from the Richard B. Maye fund by utilizing the form on the main IC Webpage or by following this link:…

Eligible students must complete their request to stay by utilizing the Request to Stay Form for the corresponding break by the announced deadline for each break period. The Request to Stay Form is a digital form that is emailed out to every residential student individually and is also be made available on the Residential Life page on Connect2. Notifying the ORL of a request to stay after the announced deadline will result in a late notification fee of $25, requests to stay late that occur the day the halls close will result in a $50 late fee. All students needing to stay on campus over the break period are responsible for completing the request to stay form for themselves; this includes athletes or other students whose advisor/coach/supervisor has received approval for their student(s) to stay on campus during the break period. Students who have requested to stay on campus during the break period will receive an email notification that their request has been approved or denied.

The advisor/coach/supervisor of students who would be staying on campus while the halls are closed must receive authorization from the Office of Business Affairs in order for the Office of Residential Life to house these students. Athletic teams that practice or play during breaks, resident assistants, and Connections Leaders are examples of students who would have specific reasons to be allowed to stay during breaks. Upon business office approval, the advisor/coach/supervisor should notify the ORL of their need to stay on campus during a break period, and provide the ORL with a roster of their athletes or students who are required to stay on campus. Athletes, student campus leaders, athletic training students, etc. are required to complete the Request to Stay Form if they intend to stay on campus during the break for athletic or approved student organization responsibilities.

All college residence locations remain open to residential students during fall and Easter break. Campus dining services are closed during Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring break. Limited on-campus dining locations are open during Fall and Easter break.