Check-in and Checkout

Each resident must officially check into his/her/their residence hall with the appropriate residential life staff member. At check-in, students will be sent a Room Condition Inventory (RCI) to their IC student email to confirm the condition of their room. Students should review this email and be as specific as possible about the room’s condition. If a student notices a damage in their room that is not listed on the RCI email, they should contact their RA as soon as possible to have the damage added to the room condition report. Students are responsible for any damages at the end of the year that are not included on their check-in RCI.

Early check-ins are generally not allowed. Students needing to return to campus early must contact the Office of Residential Life for approval before arriving to campus. An approved early return to campus results in a $25 per night charge to the student’s account. Unapproved early arrivals are subject to fines of $50 per night along with a one-time $35 charge for improper check in. Fall or Spring athletes should check in during the designated check-in time that is communicated with the student via their coach. Early returns to campus before the team’s designated time or date will result in applicable charges.

There are two checkout options: regular checkout or express checkout. The regular checkout process involves going over the condition of the room with a hall staff member, in person, and returning both the mail and room keys directly before departing campus. For express checkout, the student completes and signs the express check out form, leaves their keys in the attached key envelope and sign an agreement that the condition of the room will be assessed by a hall staff member after their departure from campus. Students who utilize the express check out method waive their right to appeal damages or room cleaning charges. Students not properly checking out of their residence hall room may be assessed a fine. These check out procedures are applicable any time a student lives in college-owned residential facilities.

Upon checkout, a room must be left in the same condition it was received. If the room is left in unsatisfactory condition, the resident will be billed for restoration charges. The Office of Residential Life and the Office of Facilities Management will assess restoration charges. (See Damages). These charges include, but are not limited to;

  • Removal of personal property
  • Cleaning charge
  • Paint and/or drywall damage
  • Damage to furniture
  • Broken or damaged windows, blinds, or screens
  • Removal of command strips, poster putty, sticky tack, or metal hardware

Students who check out after the hall closing deadline will be charged an initial $25 for a late check out, and an additional $25 for every hour past the checkout deadline. Students who realize they may not be able to check out by the set check-out time should contact the Office of Residential Life as soon as possible to explain their situation, and request a check-out extension. Applicable charges may apply. The rationale behind this policy is that student late check-outs in turn cause the hall staff to have to leave campus late.