Completing Out-of-Residence

In completing their graduation requirements, students are required to take at least 32 hours, including 24 of their final 32 semester hours, at Illinois College. For sufficient cause, students may appeal this policy through written petitions in the Educational Policies Appeal form on Connect2.

Seniors will ordinarily not be permitted to take more than their last eight credit hours out-of- residence. Students granted permission to complete graduation requirements out-of-residence must normally do so within one calendar year after the end of the last semester in residence. Students completing out-of-residence during the second semester of an academic year must have their work completed and the grade recorded in the institution’s records office at least one week prior to Illinois College’s commencement date in order to be considered for graduation that academic year. Failure to do so may result in their graduation being held over to the following academic period. This policy does not apply to students who are enrolled in a program established by an articulation agreement (3-1, 3-2 programs) with another college or university, or to students who are enrolled at Illinois College while studying off-campus.