The Office of Residential Life expects its residents to maintain their rooms and assume responsibility, whether present or not, for the use and care of their rooms and furnishings supplied by the College. Students who are identified as being responsible for damages of residence hall furnishings, structures or equipment will be charged by the College for the labor, materials and administrative costs necessary to complete the repair. The Office of Residential Life endorses the following policy regarding damage in the residence halls:

  • Any damage, which is the result of accidental or deliberate actions of an individual or group, is the responsibility of the person(s) rather than the resident population as a whole. Every attempt will be made to identify the individual(s) responsible for the damage. These individuals will be charged with the cost of the damage in addition to any appropriate sanctions determined by the administration.
  • When deliberate or accidental damage cannot be assigned to an individual or group, all residents of the appropriate residence unit (building or floor) will share the burden of repair costs.

In order to avoid unnecessary billing, all residents have the responsibility to:

  • Confront other residents or guests participating in destructive or inappropriate behavior to reduce the occurrence of senseless vandalism.
  • Speak up. When destructive or inappropriate behavior is observed, the residential life staff should be notified immediately. In most incidents of vandalism, there are individuals who have observed the actual incident or know someone who did. Residents should not tolerate others who choose to allow the group to suffer for their actions.