Disciplinary Files and Records

  1. The Executive Director of Residential Life & Campus Safety will maintain disciplinary records and a disciplinary tracking system, which will include, but not be limited to, the respondent’s name and related information, description of the incident, parties involved, Code violations, sanctions, and other data deemed relevant. Such information will be maintained in accordance with the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Disciplinary records will be made available to College officials designated in the Code of Student Conduct as necessary.
  2. Students may arrange to review their own disciplinary records by contacting theExecutive Director of Residential Life & Campus Safety . Except as provided in the Code of Student Conduct and as required by law, the College will not communicate a student’s disciplinary record and related information to any person or agency without the prior written consent of the student; however, the parents or legal guardian of a student who is a minor may be notified. Disciplinary proceedings under the Code of Student Conduct will be private.
  3. In situations involving both an accused student or group or organization and a student(s) claiming to be the victim of another student’s conduct, the records of the process and the sanctions imposed, if any, will be considered to be the education records of both the accused student and the student claiming to be the victim because the educational career and chances of success in the academic community of each may be impacted.
  4. With the exception of unresolved cases or those involving suspension, expulsion, or revocation of or withholding of a degree, disciplinary records will be expunged seven years from the final disposition of the case.