Fundraising/Solicitation of Funds

As a private, nonprofit institution, Illinois College depends upon voluntary contributions to underwrite a portion of its annually budgeted operations, support special projects for purposes over and above current operations, make possible the development of the College’s physical facilities and to provide a financial foundation of endowment resources.

The fundraising policies of the College have been endorsed by the Long Range Planning and Development Committee of the College’s Board of Trustees and shall be managed and coordinated through the Office of Development and Alumni Relations.

Faculty and staff members often play key roles in the Illinois College development efforts by defining and clarifying academic needs, identifying prospective donors and participating in the solicitation of gifts. It is expected that most expenditures required by College departments (faculty, administrative, student and athletic) for educational and general purposes will be requested through normal budgeting channels. Gifts sought and received by Illinois College will be supportive of budgeted expenditures.

When special needs and/or opportunities for gifts arise in support of expenses not included in the budget, authorization of the project or program may be obtained after review by the appropriate cabinet level officer and approval of the president. All prospects for gift support must be approved by the vice president for development and alumni relations prior to solicitation in an effort to coordinate the fund-raising activities of the College.

Alumni and friends of Illinois College, Illinois College Trustees, members of the Jacksonville community, parents of current and former students, local and national business organizations and foundations are regularly solicited through the Office of the President and the Office of Development and Alumni Relations to make contributions for approved capital projects and annual gifts. Consequently, to avoid embarrassment and/or confusion, solicitation of gifts from these groups by other College departments, College employees or members of College sponsored organizations, clubs, athletic teams and literary societies are required to have prior approval from the vice president for development and alumni relations.

Fundraising/Solicitation on Campus
Student sponsored fund raising activities, including soliciting Illinois College students, producing income through sales and advertising and merchandising goods and services on campus must receive prior approval from the Center for Student Involvement.

Student organization members or students involved in class projects are not allowed to solicit donations or sell merchandise to Illinois College employees in their office or workplace or to students in their residence hall room or apartment. Students can (for the purpose of student organization or class business) solicit donations or sell merchandise through emails, flyers or sitting at a table in Caine Student Center or other campus buildings.