Health Care Management

Administered by the Business Department

Through completion of the Health Care Management Program requirements, students will develop professional knowledge and general critical thinking and problem-solving skills to manage the intricate regulatory and human components present in health care organizations. By studying aspects of economics, accounting, finance, human behavior, health care law, and health care strategic management, students will be prepared for various management positions within a health care organization.

Majors & Programs


HM 352: Health Care Finance and Economics

This course is an introduction to the study of the health care industry with focus on financial and economic considerations. Topics include understanding the structure of health care organizations, health insurance, health care financial management, and health care policy.

HM 379: Health Care Law

This course is designed to provide students with a general overview and introduction to the American legal system, both procedural and substantive, with an emphasis on civil law as it relates to healthcare professionals. Risk management, tort liability, criminal law, agency, contracts, ethics, civil procedure, privacy, end-of-life decisions, administrative regulation, and basic employment law are among the topics covered. Textbook readings are supplemented with online resources which include a sample professional liability complaint against a hospital, the videotaped deposition of a nurse, the videotaped closing argument in a medical malpractice case against four doctors, the Illinois civil jury instructions used in medical malpractice lawsuits and footage of an appellate argument. At the conclusion of each module, students are expected to apply their knowledge and problem-solving skills to answer questions based upon realistic scenarios, thereby bringing theory to life.

HM 485: Health Care Strategic Management

The study of management and leadership within health care organizations Focus on the elements of the U.& health care system and approaches to strategic planning, human resources management, and leadership within health care organizations.