Home-Schooled Students

Illinois College welcomes candidates who have received a home study-based education. As is the case with all applications to Illinois College, home-schooled candidates will be considered on an individual basis to determine an appropriate admission decision. A candidate may be evaluated for admission on the basis of six semesters of high school level course work.

In addition to the application materials previously listed, home-schooled students are expected to present the following:

  • Official copy of the academic record indicating the grade point average, a summary of all courses taught by the home school (curriculum list, biography), the title of each course, the grade received and the name of the instructor (if that person is different that the registered home school instructor).
  • Official transcripts received through any correspondence school or regional organization that provides this service for home schools (should list courses completed, grades and the accreditation status of the school or organization).
  • The secondary school report form completed by your instructor.
  • Application essay or personal writing sample.
  • Results from either the ACT or the SAT Reasoning Test. Official scores are preferred, but students may submit a copy of their official score report.

If the candidate has been registered with the home school state’s department of education, the registration number and name of the home-schooled education registered should be indicated on all documents.

The following items may be requested: official results of the SAT II Subject tests in English and mathematics, plus one additional subject test in either the social sciences or natural sciences. An on- campus interview is strongly recommended and may be required