Housing Policy

Living on campus contributes to the academic success of students and creates opportunities to develop lasting friendships. To increase our students’ academic success and foster a strong sense of community, the College requires students to live on campus for their first six semesters or until they have earned 88 credit hours. The College charges the full room and board cost to the accounts of those students. Students who study abroad within their first three years at Illinois College will be able to count that time towards the residency requirement. Additionally, transfer students may count semesters enrolled full-time at another institution toward the requirement.

Students receiving the Trustee, Presidential, 1829 or International Student Scholarships, or Campus Assistance Grants forfeit the scholarship if they choose to move off campus.

Illinois College will make any arrangements necessary within our ability to comply with housing accommodation requests in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act standards. Requests for housing accommodation can be made through Illinois College Disability Services.

At times, a student with a disability may warrant an exception or modification to the housing policy. The College recognizes the importance of providing reasonable accommodations in its residential life policies and practices as necessary for individuals with documented disabilities to fully participate in the residential life program. Requests for housing accommodations should be made through Illinois College Disability Services. It is essential that requests for accommodations are made as early as possible to ensure the provision of the requested accommodation.

Any student who wishes to request an exception to the housing policy must file a housing exception form with the Office of Residential Life no later than March 15 in order for the request to be heard before room selections begins, or November 1 for students arriving in the spring. The College normally approves such requests if a student:

  1. graduates from a high school in one of the approved regional school districts* and will be living with his/her/their parent or legal guardian;
  2. is married;
  3. is living with or providing direct care for dependent children;
  4. is 23 years or older;
  5. is a veteran or active service member;
  6. is a transfer student who earned an associate’s degree after graduating from high school; or
  7. is a transfer student who has completed three or more semesters of course-work while living independently in off-campus housing.

*Approved regional school districts include any public or private school served by the following districts: A-C Central, Franklin, Jacksonville, Meredosia-Chambersburg, Scott-Morgan, Triopia, Virginia, Waverly, and Winchester.

Students who have already lived on campus for six semesters or have earned 88 credit hours are not required to live on campus. These students are not required to submit housing exception forms. Housing exception forms can be found on Connect2 for returning students. New students may request a form through the Office of Admission.

If a student with fewer than 88 credits seeks to live off-campus for another reason, the student should provide evidence documenting the need to live off-campus. Approvals of requests for reasons other than those listed above are unusual, but are considered on a case-by-case basis.