Incomplete Grades

In consultation with the Dean of Student Success, an instructor may award the grade of Incomplete (I) when extenuating circumstances make successful completion of course requirements impossible. A grade of incomplete must be made up prior to the 10th day of the subsequent semester (census date) at which time the grade defaults to an ‘F’ unless a Course Completion Contract is filed with the Provost specifying an alternative timetable and default grade. For students taking courses online, those in the A subterm have until the end of the semester to complete the course requirements; students taking courses in the B subterm have until the 5th day of the subsequent semester (census date) to complete the course requirements. If a student, on campus or online, has incomplete course work, all federal and state financial aid, including loans, cannot be disbursed until all incomplete work has been completed. If a student has not made satisfactory academic progress (SAP) by the census date and is placed on SAP suspension, the student is not eligible for any financial aid funding and will be responsible for all charges incurred.