Missing Student Policy

Illinois College is required by the Higher Education Act to establish protocol for students living in campus housing and who are missing more than 24 hours.

The Jacksonville Police Department is responsible for the investigating reports of missing persons. The Illinois College Department of Public Safety may assist the police department by providing the police with information on the student.

This policy pertains to all current students of Illinois College living on campus. All students are asked to voluntarily provide the College with contact information to be used in the event they become missing.


  • Definitions
    1. Missing Person – An individual whose whereabouts are unknown to the reporting party. A reporting party may be:
      • a. A parent
      • b. A guardian
      • c. A roommate
      • d. An employer
      • e. Any person who should reasonably know the missing person’s whereabouts
    2. Missing Persons “at risk” – Those who fall into any one of the following categories:
      • a. Victims of foul play
      • b. Persons who need medical attention
      • c. Persons physically or mentally impaired and unable to care for themselves
      • d. Victims of abduction
  • Notification
    1. Upon receiving notification of a missing student, the Department of Public Safety officer receiving the call must first try and determine the risk status. Persons found to be “at risk” will require an immediate response and investigation by the local police.
    2. If the missing student is found to not be “at risk”, a public safety officer will take all information from the caller to include a description of the student, the last time he/she was seen and the type and color of clothing worn and then complete an Incident Report.
    3. Students living in on-campus housing – Upon receiving notification of a student who is missing that resides in on-campus housing, the Department of Public Safety will do the following:
      • Respond to the missing student’s residence, knock on the door and attempt to make contact with them. If there is no answer, using a master key, unlock the door while announcing, “Public Safety Officer, is there anyone here?” Try to have at least two officers or another student present when entering the missing person’s residence. If the residence is empty, note the date and time of entry and who was present at that time for entry later in the Incident Report.
      • Talk to the neighbors next to and across from the missing student’s residence, and ask them when the last time they saw the missing student or heard them in their residence.
    4. Notification to key campus personnel – Upon receiving notification of a missing student, the Department of Public Safety will make notification by either phone or in person to the Executive Director of Residential Life and Campus Safety who will make appropriate additional notifications.
    5. Notification if a student is determined to be missing 24 hours or more.
      • Parents or guardian of missing student or provided voluntary contacts
      • Parents or guardian of any student under 18 and not emancipated
      • Jacksonville Police Department
  • Voluntary Contact Information – Students who are living in on-campus housing will be allowed to provide confidential emergency contact information.