Fine Arts

The Fine Arts minor shall consist of 20 credit hours with these requirements:

  1. Students must successfully complete, with a minimum grade of ā€˜Cā€™ in all courses, at least 8 credit hours in two of the fine arts areas chosen from Art, Music, and Theatre. Students may take courses in all three areas.
  2. Within the 8-credit hour minimum requirement in each discipline, at least four credit hours must be completed as an academic class.
  3. If the student chooses the area of theatre, the 8-hour minimum can be split between academic and application classes or practicums. For example, in theatre this could be one 4-credit hour class and four credit hours of performance experience.
  4. If the student chooses the area of music, the 8-hour minimum must include at least one music theory or music history class. The remaining four credit hours may include another theory or history course or application courses such as ensembles participation or private music lessons.
  5. If the student chooses the area of art, the minimum may include any art class.
Sub-Total Credits
Total Credits