Administered by the Psychology Department

The Neuroscience major is interdisciplinary in nature, connecting many disciplines across campus (such as Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Philosophy, and Political Science, as well as others) to better understand the brain. The major has been developed to help students gain admission to neuroscience graduate programs or to move directly into careers in related areas.

Its interdisciplinary liberal arts nature lends itself well to inquisitive students with interests across disciplines, enabling double majors and major-minor combinations. For example, beyond the traditional applications in Biology and Psychology, the program can be useful to Education majors who want to learn more about the developing brains of their students, English majors interested in medical journalism, Art majors interested in perception, Business majors interested in careers in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech industry, Math or Computer Science or Engineering majors interested in computational neuroscience, neural networks, brain-machine interfaces, etc.

Majors & Programs


NE 326: Advanced Neuroscience

Advanced study of the brain. Topics include brain development, aging, plasticity, memory, and diseases/disorders of the brain. Course readings and topics will vary depending upon the interests of the class. Common readings and discussions are paired with individualized study in the student’s areas of interest, culminating in a laboratory research project.

NE 401: Liberal Arts & the Brain

This 1-credit hour course is designed to give neuroscience majors exposure to readings and discussions that demonstrate the connections between the brain and many other disciplinary areas across campus. Weekly meetings will discuss common readings. Additional topics include graduate school and career opportunities in the neurosciences.