Office of Academic Affairs

Provost and Dean of the College Catharine O’Connell
Executive Assistant to the Provost Elise Meyer
Administrative Coordinator of Student Life and Academic Affairs Jennifer Claussen
Dean of Faculty/Professor of Biology Laura Corey
Dean of Students Jessica Edonick
Associate Dean of Student Success/Director of Student Development Jennifer Hemingway
Executive Director for Institutional Research Robert A. Sweatman
Director of Grants and Government Relations Jenny Chandler
Registrar and Assistant Dean Helen Cole Kuhn
Associate Registrar and Coordinator of Online Learning Kelly McCormick
Assistant Registrar and Technology Manager Dixie Freehill
Administrative Coordinator/Licensure Specialist TBD
Academic Support Staff Joanne Leeds
Academic Support Staff Julie Samaras
Administrative Assistant for the Arts TBD
Administrative Assistant for Nursing Renee Hill
Library Director Ryan Roberts
Information Literacy Specialist Jaeda Calaway
Research Services Librarian Elora Agsten
Technical Services Manager Adam Enz
Access Services Manager Emma Norris
Archivist and Curator of the Paul Findley Congressional Museum TBD
Associate Dean and Director of the Center for Academic Excellence Amy Schwiderski
Director TRIO Student Support Services Olivia Raya
Director of Academic Support Liz Hommowum
TRIO Operations Manager Marsha Mayner
Administrative Assistant TBD
Disability Services Coordinator Dan Stanfield
TRIO Academic Coach and Coordinator for Student Engagement Anthony Flores
TRIO Academic Coach Brooke Rhoades
Title III Academic Coach Marcus Gruwell
Title III Academic Coach Abby Millitello
Title III Operations Manager Kathy Simmons
Student Success Coach Terrance “T.J” Lockett
Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging TBD
Assistant Directory of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Cameron Sweatman
Program Coordinator of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging TBD
Chaplain/Coordinator of Interfaith and Inclusion Initiatives TBD
Director of Global Programming Rebecca Spencer
Director of the Drumline Tyler Carpenter
Head Debate and Speech Coach Shawna Merrill
Placements Coordinator and Instructor of Education Erin Studer
Laboratory Manager Andrew L. Stice
Chief Information Officer Patrick Brown
Assistant Chief Information Officer Marc Benner
Associate Director of Administrative IT Solutions/Database Administrator Quinton Miller
Administrative Systems/Web Development Specialist Tonia Berry
IT Support Specialist  Joe Mendala
IT Office Manager Jennifer Phebus
Instructional Technology and Training Specialist Jeremy Hommowun
Manager of End User Security and Support Kelsi Simmert
Assistant Dean of Students Engagement and Belonging TBD
Assistant Director of Student Engagement and Belonging TBD
Program Coordinator Rebecca Leatherwood
Program Coordinator of Student Engagement and Belonging TBD
Executive Director of Residential Life and Campus Safety Dennis Schumacher
Assistant Director of Residential Life... Katie Poe
Residential Life Coordinator TBD
Administrative Assistant in Residential Life Paula Haley
Senior Public Safety Officer Mark Lawson
Public Safety Officer and Shift Supervisor Mark McAuliffe
Public Safety Officer Matt Courty
Public Safety Officer Brad Petefish
Public Safety Officer Chris Prewitt
Executive Director of Career Readiness and Experiential Learning Kelly Pool
Director of Career Counseling and Internship Development Susie Drake
Director of Student Leadership Development and Career Pathways Jess Flynn
Administrative Assistant Shannon Killday
Director of Community-Engaged Learning TBD
Lead Counselor Leah Hamilton
Mental Health Counselor Nicole Brix
College Health Nurse Tami Wright
Health Services Manager Tammy Cannon