Office of Business Affairs

Vice President of Business Affairs/Chief Financial Officer Kent Siltman
Administrative Assistant Sarah A Briggs
Controller Melissa Dyson
Accountant Lauren Shouse
Accounts Payable Coordinator Jennie Casey
Accounting Associate Taber Albers
Director of Mail Room Morrie Smith
Director of Dining Services (Chartwells) Joe Werts
Director of Human Resources Lauren Hays
Payroll Coordinator/HRGeneralist Kristen Heaton
Director of Student Employment Sarah Kaisner
Director of Strategic Facilities and Risk Management TBD
Office Manager Tina Coop
Office Assistant, Facilities Management TBD
Manager of the Starhill Forest Arboretum Alana McKean
Grounds Technician, Starhill Forest Arboretum Craig Fowler
Custodial Supervisor Christopher Gibson
Custodial Technician Michael Carr
Custodial Technician Jared Cook
Custodial Technician Jessica Cowgur
Custodial Technician David DeGroot
Custodial Technician Adam Dyson
Custodial Technician Terry Knight
Custodial Technician Joshua Lomelino
Custodial Technician Ronnie Nelson
Custodial Technician Christina VanMeter
Custodial Technician Lauren Ruble
Custodial Technician Jason Weber
Grounds Supervisor Damen Lovell
Grounds Technician Charles Ruble
Grounds Technician Seth Schmitz
Grounds Technician Aaron Moorman
Maintenance Supervisor/Electrician Kirk Hoots
Maintenance and HVAC Technician Seth Taylor
Maintenance Technician Tracy Jones
Maintenance Technician TBD
Maintenance Technician Steve Helmig
Maintenance Technician Ben Seifert
Maintenance Technician Jeff Seymour