Office of the President

President of the College  Barbara A. Farley
Executive Assistant to the President Rebecca Houston
Director of Athletics and Head Softball Coach Meghan Roman
Director of Sports Information James Vinson
Assistant Director of Athletics TBD
Assistant Softball Coach Stephanie Noel
Assistant Softball Coach Payton Cloe
Assistant Softball Coach Kayla Morrissey
Athletic Trainer Terry J. Geirnaeirt
Assistant Athletic Trainer Sarah Phillips
Assistant Athletic Trainer Shawn Woods
Head Baseball Coach Jacob Waddle
Assistant Baseball Coach Matthew White
Head Men’s Basketball Coach Steve Schweer
Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach Lucas Duckett
Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach Jay Rowell
Head Women’s Basketball Coach Jennifer McCormick
Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach Kayla Morrissey
Cheer Coach TBD
Head Dance Coach and Director of Spirit Teams Samantha Laster
Head Esports Coach Robert Vedda
Head Football Coach Ray DeFrisco
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Jordan Bowman
Associate Head Football Coach Craig Neece 
Assistant Football Coach Riley Reid
Assistant Football Coach Mark Murdoch
Assistant Football Coach Petyon Allen
Assistant Football Coach Jack Russell
Assistant Football Coach Bryan Wade
Assistant Football Coach Kewsi Phillips-Masack
Assistant Football Coach Avery Andrews
Head Men’s and Women’s Golf Coach Abby Vorreyer
Head Men’s Soccer Coach Evan Philpott
Head Women’s Soccer Coach Hunter Gray
Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach Deanna Hecht
Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach John-David Antoine
Head Women’s Volleyball Coach Alicia Wood
Assistant Women’s Volleyball Coach Hope Neargarder
Head Men’s and Women’s Swim Coach Christopher Sykes
Assistant Swim Coach Harriet Siegrist
Head Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach TBD
Assistant Tennis Coach Rolando Salazar
Director of Cross Country and Track & Field Jason Haynes
Assistant Track & Field Coach - Sprints Dirk Doehring
Assistant Track & Field Coach - Jumps Justin Fisher