On-Campus Housing Terms and Conditions

1. General Terms and Conditions

  • Full-time status (at least 12 credits) is required to be eligible to live in the residence halls. Students who fall below full time at any point in the semester must receive the approval of the Office of Residential Life in order to remain living on campus. Students who are in their final semester and only taking courses required to complete their degree may live on campus as part-time students.
  • The student will use the premises solely for residential and educational purposes of Illinois College. No student is permitted to operate a business from their residential location using College resources.
  • Residents are expected to exercise reasonable care in the use of the facilities in the residence halls in keeping with health, safety and maintenance standards. Students are expected to know and follow Illinois College policies whether the policies are in effect now or are later enacted.
  • The College reserves the right to make room assignments, to authorize or deny room and roommate changes, to consolidate vacancies and to require a student to move from one room or residence hall to another.
  • Room assignments will normally be made on the basis of two residents per room in the residence halls. However, if there is a need, additional residents may be assigned to larger rooms, which the College reserves the right to do. A student may also be assigned to a temporary space. Students assigned to temporary spaces will be reassigned to double occupancy rooms as they come available.
  • Unless a student requests an extension of the arrival period in writing through the Office of Residential Life, Illinois College is not obligated to hold a room assignment past 12 noon on the first day of classes. If a resident does not check in prior to 12 noon on the first day of classes and later requests an assignment, the resident may be relocated from the original assignment.
  • Requests for changes to room assignments may be made in writing to the Office of Residential Life after the 10th day of classes each semester. If the request is due to a roommate/floor mate conflict, the students involved will be expected to participate in conflict mediation sessions before any move can take place. Mutual requests for room switches are still subject to approval by the Office of Residential Life. A student who makes an unauthorized room change will be required to return to the original room and will be assessed a fine for an unauthorized room change.
  • The College may alter the specific room assignments, if deemed necessary, during the assignment process.
  • All contracts are for double-occupancy accommodations unless otherwise noted. If space allows, a resident who does not have a roommate may have the option of reserving the room as a single. Single room reservations must be arranged with the associate director of residential life. Additional rates will apply for single rooms. Students in this situation (whether by choice or by circumstance) are expected to consolidate with another student if they wish to avoid the additional single room fee.
  • In order to practice the commitment to tolerance and respect set forth in the College’s Affirmation of Community Responsibility, it is the policy of the College to assign roommates without regard to race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, religion or disability and not to make changes to room assignments due to reasons that are discriminatory.

2. Room Assignment Cancellation

  • When a student signs a room and board contract, that contract covers the entire academic year.
    • If an enrolled student chooses (or is required for disciplinary reasons) to move off campus within a contract period, either mid semester or between the fall and spring semesters, the student will not receive a refund for the room or board charges.
    • If a student withdraws from the College in the middle of the semester the student will receive a prorated refund for board (meal plan) charges. Room charges are not refunded. Students with room assignments in the fall semester who are not enrolled for classes for the spring semester are not assessed room and board charges for the spring semester. Upon a cancellation, a student has 24 hours to move off campus and must leave the assigned room, its furnishings and the bathroom in good condition and repair.
    • Upon withdrawal from the College, any room reservation for the upcoming academic year is cancelled.
  • The College assesses a penalty to students who reserve a room on campus and subsequently cancel their housing contract. Reserving a room makes it unavailable for other students choosing later, and cancelling a housing contract after reserving a room does a disservice to other students and does not meet the College’s standards for community responsibility.
    • Students who reserve a room and then choose to break their housing contract (whether they have at least 88 credits prior to the housing contract period or an approved housing exception) should notify the Office of Residential Life in writing of their decision. The College assesses this penalty because of the disservice to other students. If the student breaks the contract before June 30, the penalty assessed is $1,000.
    • Students who reserve a room and break the contract after June 30 leave the College with few opportunities to assign the room to other students. The College therefore charges a student who chooses to break his/her/their contract after this date the full cost of the reserved room, college house, or apartment.
  • If a student cancels a housing contract after room selection and before the start of the fall semester, regardless of reason, his/her/their roommate and suitemates’ assignment may also be impacted.
    • If the student responsible for cancelling his/her/their housing contract initiated the room selection and invited the other students into that room or suite, the remaining students may forfeit the space upon the student’s cancellation.
    • The rest of the group’s housing points will be calculated minus the student who cancelled, and if the space would not have been available to the group without the other student, the group can be removed from that assignment and moved to another location. This is most applicable to groups who sign up for suites in Lincoln or Greene Halls. The Office of Residential Life works with all students to attempt to make change arrangements that the students are satisfied with.