All currently enrolled students must have their vehicles registered with the Department of Public Safety. All vehicles parked on College property are required to have a current parking permit hanging from the rear-view mirror, and must be currently licensed and operational at all times. Parking permits requests should be submitted through Connect2 , and are issued to residential and commuter students through campus mail or by picking them up at the Office of Residential Life.

Parking lots and parking permits are color-coded and clearly marked.

  • The Orange Lot is for all first-year students and anyone who elects not to pay a parking fee; there is no charge to park in this lot which is located behind Campus Services on Park Street.
  • The Green Lots - Returning and transfer students residing in the residence halls, campus houses, or campus apartments. $80 per year
  • The Blue Lots - All faculty, staff, commuting students, returning Crampton Hall residents as well as Greenbriar Apartments, and Super 8 residents. $80 per year (free for Greenbriar and Super 8 residents)

Students, faculty, and staff are not permitted to park in any of the parking spaces designated for visitors, IC Store, or Campus Services’ vehicles. Vehicles parked in handicap spaces must display handicap plates or a current and valid handicap hang tag.

The parking lot next to Cummings Dining Hall has designated spaces for both Green and Blue parking permits. The spaces are clearly marked as to the color of permit authorized. It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to park in the space appropriate to the vehicle’s permit. Vehicles parked illegally (not displaying the appropriate permit for the lot) will be fined $30 for each incident. Illinois College assumes neither responsibility nor liability for damage to vehicles while parked on College property.

Parking fees are charged in advance in the fall for the full year ($80 for the academic year which equates to $40 per semester), and refunds are available to those who do not return the second semester. To receive a refund, contact the Department of Public Safety. The issued permit will have to be surrendered in order to have a refund processed.

Parking fees and fines are collected by Student Financial Services and will be charged to student accounts. Appeals to parking citations must be filed in writing to the executive director of residential life and campus safety within seven days. Appeals must include name, address, phone number, and email address, vehicle license number, parking decal number, ticket number, date issued, location, violation, and reason for appeal.