Part-time/Special Status

Students taking a course load less than 12 hours for credit are designated as part-time or “special” students. A course load fewer than six hours is “less than half-time.” Special students may or may not be degree candidates and must maintain the following grade point averages in order to remain in good standing regardless of how many courses are taken: after the first semester 1.500, after the second semester 1.700, after the third semester 1.900, thereafter 2.000. Special students who are not in good standing are governed by the same regulations with respect to probation, dismissal and readmission as full-time students. A special student who is a degree candidate and who has never enrolled in the College as a full-time student, but otherwise meets all requirements for graduation, may receive the earned degree provided the student has attended a number of convocations equal to one-quarter of the number of credit hours earned at Illinois College up to a total of 30 convocation attendances.

A student-athlete with athletics eligibility remaining may participate in organized practice sessions while enrolled in less than a minimum full-time program of studies, provided the student is enrolled in the final semester of the baccalaureate program and the institution certifies that the student is carrying (for credit) the courses necessary to complete the degree requirements, as determined by the faculty of the institution. (See NCAA Rule Illinois College requires a minimum of 4 credit hours for students enrolling under this special status. However, the minimum number of hours is subject to change. Students must consult with the Office of the Registrar and the Athletic Department if they intend to enroll under this special status.