The following guidelines have been established to help the Illinois College community promote events and activities that support the mission of the College and the Affirmation of Community Responsibility. It is not the intent of this policy to censor or otherwise control the content of notices or other materials to be posted on campus. Any posted materials should not be in violation of College policy or civil law. For the purposes of this policy, publicity is defined as materials including, but not limited to: flyers, posters, table tents, sidewalk chalk and banners.

On-campus Organizations

  1. Publicity may be posted on general use bulletin boards and metal sign strips in all campus buildings. Some bulletin boards that have been designated for particular campus organizations or departments are not for general postings.
  2. Publicity may be posted in any campus building on glass.
  3. Publicity must include the name of the sponsoring organization.
  4. Persons who post are asked to be considerate of others who have posted. No publicity may cover previously posted material and only one item per event should be posted on each bulletin board.
  5. Publicity may only be posted for three weeks and must be removed within 48 hours after the conclusion of the event. All campus community members are encouraged to remove any notices that are clearly expired. Publicity that is promoting a series or semester list of activities or events may post items for longer than three weeks.
  6. The sponsoring organization assumes the responsibility that all its notices will be posted and removed according to these regulations.
  7. Publicity can NOT be posted on doors, walls, brick interior walls, any painted surface or floors, mirrors, light fixtures, stairways, stair railings, exterior walls, outdoor furniture, trash receptacles, utility poles, trees, shrubs or grassy areas on campus. Doors not in community walkways are an exception, such as faculty and staff offices, restroom stalls and personal decorations in student residences.
  8. Flyers or notices may not be placed in or attached to automobiles on campus.
  9. Red paper may not be used for publicity. The Department of Public Safety reserves the right to use red paper to post timely notices important for the campus community.
  10. Using duct tape is prohibited and may result in damage billing. The use of scotch tape, staples, nails, etc. in non- standard posting locations is also prohibited and may result in damage billing.
  11. Promotion of the consumption of large amounts of alcohol, events where drinking is the primary focus and alcohol pricing information are all prohibited. Further, alcohol imagery and words cannot be the primary focus of promotional materials.
  12. Materials to be posted in the residence halls should be submitted to the Office of Residential Life. If the posting meets policy guidelines, the materials will be distributed to the residential life staff for posting. For one announcement per residence hall floor, 35 flyers should be submitted.

Off-campus Organizations
The College prohibits the use of campus grounds or buildings by non-College personnel for the purpose of commercial solicitation of students or sales of any type.

  1. On an individual basis, the Center for Student Involvement staff may approve advertising for off-campus businesses and events that are consistent with the programmatic values of the College.
  2. If approved, vendors and other non-College personnel may post notices in the Caine Student Center for up to two weeks.
  3. Publicity for off-campus businesses and events must be signed and dated by the Center for Student Involvement staff.
  4. Generally, venues serving alcohol are not allowed to advertise on campus.
  5. Beyond posting in the Caine Student Center, off-campus vendors can be directed to place ads in the Rambler, and IC sports programs and to take part in the community showcase in the fall.