Room Consolidations

In an effort to keep room rates low and to operate an economically efficient organization, the College reserves the right to move/consolidate residents to fill vacancies that may occur throughout the year. This policy has been established to deal with the difficult task of room consolidations, and to ensure that such consolidations are performed in a fair and equitable manner.

When one of the occupants of a room moves out, the remaining occupant must obtain a roommate, from a list of residents who do not have roommates, pay the single room rate, or move to another room or apartment. The consolidation process must be completed within two weeks after the vacancy occurs. If the entire process has not occurred within this two-week time period, the resident(s) shall automatically begin to be charged and be obligated to pay for their single room(s) on a prorated basis at the appropriate single room rate. In cases where none of the consolidating parties wishes to move, priority to remain will be based upon

  • (a) length of enrollment at Illinois College,
  • (b) Illinois College housing points
  • (c) length of room occupancy.

Residents who willfully refuse to participate in the consolidation process will be charged the appropriate single room rate. The College will make a reasonable attempt to accommodate room requests for double occupancy. The College reserves the right to assess additional fees for single room occupancy caused by a resident refusing to accept a new room or new roommate. Exceptions from the requirement to consolidate or begin paying a single room rate are as follows:

  1. If there is an uneven number of residents without roommates within a given residence hall. One of the individuals selected by the associate director residential life will not be required to consolidate or pay a single room rate until the next vacancy occurs in that building or until the College reassigns the space.
  2. No consolidation is required of vacancies that occur late in the semester.