Safety and Security

Students, families and employees share a common concern for safety on a college campus. Illinois College understands that concern and accepts its responsibility to employ security measures to ensure that students and employees enjoy their years at Illinois College as free as possible from any threats to their safety or well-being.

Education and Prevention
Students and employees are encouraged and required to report all criminal incidents or emergencies to the Department of Public Safety, a member of the residence life staff, and/or to the local police department (by dialing 911). Victims of a crime are encouraged to file a police report along with reporting to the above persons or departments. The Department of Public Safety will assist with this.

Criminal incidents reported to the above persons or departments will be used for preparing the annual disclosure of crime statistics. The College has no procedure in place that allows victims or witnesses to report crimes on a voluntary, confidential basis for inclusion in the annual disclosure of crime statistics. Safety and security information, including timely notices of violent crimes reported to the Department of Public Safety or local police to help aid in the prevention of similar occurrences will be provided to students and employees through bulletins, crime alerts, posters, brochures, campus newspapers, electronic media and various campus programs.

Public Safety Officers carry a cellular telephone; whereby, students and staff may immediately contact the Department of Public Safety. This also allows our public safety personnel to be in contact with the police department, fire department and/ or emergency services when needed. In addition, public safety officers carry two-way radios while on duty.

The Office of Facilities Management maintains the College buildings and grounds with concern for safety and security. It inspects campus facilities to provide prompt repair service and responds immediately to reports of potential hazards. The campus lighting is normal for the size and nature of the College and the facilities management staff monitors campus safety, as well as lighting improvements when needed or recommended.

In addition to a telephone jack in each student’s room, each residence hall lobby, entryway and hall director apartment has a landline phone. Phones for emergency purposes are located in the entries of most buildings. These phones are there primarily for emergency services (911) and the Department of Public Safety (217.245.3111), but will make local and on-campus calls also.

An escort to any location on campus may be obtained by calling the Department of Public Safety and a public safety officer will provide this service.

The Office of Residential Life conducts educational programs throughout the year on topics of safety and security. All residents receive information on safety and security issues during residence hall and floor meetings.

A copy of the annual report is available on the College website.