Section 1 - Jurisdiction

The leadership of recognized student organizations (RSOs) and/or Greek letter organizations (GLOs) at Illinois College are provided a copy of the Illinois College Student Organization Code of Conduct annually and it is also included in the IC Student Handbook (Blue Book) available at Hard copies are available upon request from the Associate Dean of Students. Students who are part of RSOs and/ GLOs are responsible for having read and abiding by the provisions of the Illinois College Student Organization Code of Conduct.

The Illinois College Student Organization Code of Conduct and the student conduct process apply to the conduct of RSOs and/or GLOs. RSOs and/or GLOs that have lost Illinois College recognition may still be subject to provisions in this code.  Individual students who are members of a RSO and/or GLO are still subject as individuals to the Code of Student Conduct and may be held individually accountable for behaviors also attributed to the RSO/GLO. Individuals who are members of an RSO/GLO may, through their actions, subject the RSO/GLO to disciplinary action under this Student Organization Code of Conduct, whether or not those individuals are also adjudicated under the Code of Student Conduct.

The Illinois College Student Organization Code of Conduct applies to behaviors that take place on the campus, at Illinois College or RSO/GLO sponsored events whether on or off-campus and may also apply to other off-campus behaviors when the Associate Dean of Students or designee determines that the off-campus conduct affects a College interest. A College interest is defined to include:

  • Any situation where it appears that the RSO’s/GLO’s conduct may present a danger or threat to the health or safety of individuals; and/or
  • Any situation that significantly impinges upon the rights, property or achievements of others or significantly breaches the peace and/or causes social disorder; and/or
  • Any situation that is detrimental to the educational mission and/or interests of Illinois College.

The Illinois College Student Organization Code of Conduct may be applied to behavior conducted online, via email or other electronic medium. RSO/GLO members should also be aware that online postings such as blogs, web postings, chats and social networking sites are in the public sphere and are not private. These postings can subject an RSO/GLO to allegations of conduct violations if evidence of policy violations is posted online. The College does not regularly search for this information but may take action if and when such information is brought to the attention of Illinois College officials.

The Illinois College Student Organization Code of Conduct applies to guests of the RSO/GLO and the RSO/GLO may be held accountable for the misconduct of their guests. Visitors to and guests of the College may seek resolution of violations of the Student Organization Code of Conduct committed against them by a RSO/GLO and/or members of a RSO/GLO.

There is no time limit on reporting violations of the Illinois College Student Organization Code of Conduct; however, the longer someone waits to report an offense, the more difficult it may become for Illinois College officials to obtain information and witness statements and to make determinations regarding alleged violations. Though anonymous complaints are permitted, doing so may limit the College’s ability to investigate and respond to a complaint. Those who are aware of misconduct are encouraged to report it as quickly as possible to the Dean of Students, Associate Dean of Students and/or to Campus Public Safety. You may also submit a report through the Illinois College Single Sign-On page.

An RSO/GLO facing an alleged violation of the Illinois College Student Organization Code of Conduct is permitted to dissolve/surrender recognition during the investigation/adjudication process. However, the College may continue the investigation/adjudication process even after the RSO/GLO has been dissolved.

Illinois College email is the College’s primary means of communication with RSO/GLO representatives. Official College correspondence related to this Code of Student Organization Conduct will be transmitted to the official University/College email address of the RSO/GLO representative. This communication may come via the Maxient system and track that the communication was received and opened. The RSO/GLO representatives may receive text messages altering them to a communication via the Maxient system. RSO/GLO representatives are responsible for all communication delivered to their Illinois College email address. In addition, the College may notify the RSO/GLO Advisor/Alumni Board and/or any inter/national governing body associated with the RSO/GLO.