Section 5 - Outcomes

At the conclusion of the resolution process (including the conclusion of any appeals process), if an organization accepts responsibility for violation(s) through the partnership or formal resolution process, or if the organization is found responsible for violation(s) through the formal resolution process, theExecutive Director of Residential Life & Campus Safety or designee will schedule an outcomes meeting with the RSO/GLO representative, advisor, and other parties as applicable. The purpose of this meeting shall be to determine the outcomes necessary to effectively address the behavior of the RSO/GLO related to the violation(s) and will include the solicitation of input from the RSO/GLO representative, advisors, and all other interested parties.

At the completion of the outcomes meeting, the Executive Director of Residential Life & Campus Safety or designee will administer all outcomes assigned to the RSO/GLO through the Partnership or Formal Resolution Process to the RSO/GLO representative and the RSO/GLO advisor in writing via an Outcomes Letter. The outcomes may be assessed singly, in combination, or to follow consecutively. Outcomes will be communicated in writing by the Executive Director of Residential Life & Campus Safety or designee to the RSO/GLO and will list outcomes assigned, including the length of any active status and/or rescission periods, the specific privileges impacted, and any and all other opportunities established as a part of the outcomes. 

The Executive Director of Residential Life & Campus Safety or designee will maintain the Outcome Letter in the RSO’s/GLO’s record for a period of no less than seven (7) years. If a RSO/GLO loses campus recognition, the Associate Dean of Students or designee will maintain the Outcome Letter indefinitely. If applicable, a copy of the Outcome Letter may be sent to their Inter/National Organizational Governing Body or other appropriate parties.

The Executive Director of Residential Life & Campus Safety or designee will oversee the completion of Outcomes.  If the RSO/GLO misses any deadlines, fails to complete any outcomes, and/or has a subsequent violation(s), the RSO/GLO may be subject to additional outcomes and/or disciplinary actions at the discretion of the Executive Director of Residential Life & Campus Safety or designee.

The outcomes implemented at the conclusion of the disciplinary process may include:

  • Status Outcomes
  • Educational Outcomes
  • Structural Outcomes

Status Outcomes
Status Outcomes may include, but are not limited to:

  • Warning: A Warning is given to notify a RSO/GLO that the behavior and conduct has been inconsistent with the expectations of the College. A warning has no immediate effect upon an RSO’s/GLO’s status at the College and may be specified for a period of time. However, once given a warning, an RSO/GLO should expect different outcomes to result from any subsequent violations, especially while on a current warning status when/if similar behaviors occur.
  • Restriction of Privileges: Restriction of Privileges precludes an RSO/GLO from participating in certain activities or may require an RSO/GLO to forfeit specific privileges. Restriction of Privileges may include, but is not limited to, loss or limitation of social events or limitation of ability to participate in College events or activities. 
  • Disciplinary Probation: Official notice that the RSO/GLO has been found to have violated College rules and regulations and a warning that further violation of rules and regulations will result in possible suspension. Disciplinary Probation may include Restriction of Privileges.
  • Deferred Suspension:  Deferred Suspension is a status for a specified period of time during which any subsequent finding of Responsibility for a violation of the Illinois College Student Organization Code of Conduct or any other College policy shall result in the Outcome of Suspension for the RSO/GLO. Deferred Suspension may include Restriction of Privileges.
  • Suspension: Suspension is a status for a specified period of time that includes, but is not limited to, the revocation of the College’s registration of the RSO/GLO for a stated or an indeterminate period of time, cessation of College funding, restriction of all operations at the College, and restriction of use of College resources. If the RSO/GLO also holds a charter from a international organizational governing body, the College may also request that the international organizational governing body revoke the charter of the RSO/GLO. Suspension will include a written return agreement outlining specific conditions for return.

If the RSO/GLO dissolves or loses recognition, as a result of organizational conduct, and then attempts to seek recognition under the guise of a different organizational name, the College reserves the right to deny the request for recognition or withdraw the recognition. This conclusion may be based on any of multiple factors, including but not limited to, overlapping membership, similarity of purpose, and the timing of the dissolution or prior loss of recognition and the request for new recognition.

Continued operation of the RSO/GLO after suspension or loss of recognition will result in a violation of Failure to Comply and may result in additional outcomes or restrictions, up to and including an extension of the Suspension beyond the terms originally outlined in the initial Outcomes Letter/return agreement. 

A RSO/GLO that has completed a period of suspension and has met conditions for return as outlined in the return agreement may seek reinstatement by complying with the registration requirements of Illinois College. 

Educational Outcomes
Educational Outcomes may include, but are not limited to, educational programming, community service, interventions, restrictions, workshops, or other outcomes determined to help develop the culture and community of the RSO/GLO. The Executive Director of Residential Life & Campus Safety or designee will determine Educational Outcomes after consultation with the appropriate College Office(s), the governing body and/or affiliated organization of the RSO/GLO, organizational leadership, advisors, and/or other appropriate stakeholders as necessary. 

Structural Outcomes
Structural Outcomes are related to the structure, membership or governance of the organization.  Structural outcomes, may include, but are not limited to, changes to RSO/GLO operating procedures, a review of RSO/GLO membership/leadership, an external RSO/GLO review, and changes to RSO/GLO advisor support.  Structural Outcomes may be included alongside any Status and Educational Outcomes.