Standardized Test Scores

In 2009, the faculty of Illinois College approved a resolution to make the submission of standardized test scores optional for first-year students graduating from a public/private high school. Students who are home-schooled or students applying as international students are required to submit the results of the ACT, SAT Reasoning Test, TOEFL or IELTS for proof of English proficiency.

Students who believe their standardized test scores strengthen their application are encouraged to submit them. Students who elect not to submit standardized test scores will not be penalized in any way. The admissions process at Illinois College is comprehensive, which means that all information and accomplishments in a student’s application are evaluated. Students who elect not to submit standardized test scores and whose high school record falls below the median of the class most recently admitted may be asked to submit additional information or interview with an admission counselor or a representative of the College.

While test scores will not be used to determine admission, all students who choose to enroll at Illinois College will be required to submit test scores prior to enrollment to assist in appropriate course placement and scheduling.