Summer Housing

Each summer a building is assigned as the summer housing location for students who plan to, or need to, stay on campus during the summer interim. Any returning IC student may request to live in summer housing as long as they are fulfilling academic requirements, taking classes, have an academic internship, working for an office on campus or for other reasons approved by the Office of Residential Life, and will be returning to IC in the fall semester. Space in summer housing is not guaranteed and is filled on a first come, first served basis. Students must have a fall room assignment to be eligible for summer housing. Students should contact the Office of Residential Life for an exception to this. Summer housing information and rates become available after spring break. Students must sign a completed summer housing contract prior to receiving a summer housing assignment. Summer housing contracts are due to the Office of Residential Life, fully completed, by the last day of spring classes. All College Blue Book policies and procedures are applicable during summer housing.

Summer housing begins the same evening that the halls close at the end of the spring semester. Summer housing ends on July 31, at which time all students must check out of their assigned summer room. Students have the option to continue their summer housing contract past July 31, but must discuss their request and receive approval from the Office of Residential Life before beginning summer housing. Students approved to remain on campus after July 31 will move to their fall room assignment on a date designated by the associate director of residential life. These students will pay housing costs during August based on the summer housing arrangement they had prior to the move.

Additional fees will be assessed for the storage of items before or after a student resides in summer housing. Improper check out fees and cleaning charges still apply for applicable rooms. The same check-in and check-out processes exist during summer housing as during the academic year.