CH 110: General Chemistry

Class Program
Credits 4.0
Chemistry is the study of the material world. It is essential to the understanding of a wide range of scientific disciplines and is applicable to diverse career interests. Intended primarily for students majoring in the natural sciences, this course introduces the principles of chemistry. Major themes include the microscopic structure of matter and the role of energy, stability, and entropy as drivers of chemical change. Topics include: atomic structure, periodicity, chemical bonding, molecular structure and geometry, inorganic reaction classes, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, kinetic theory of gases and liquids, and intermolecular forces. Laboratory work will provide practice in basic measurements, liquid handling, experimental design, application of scientific method, and data processing and interpretation. Three class hours and one three-hour laboratory period per week.
MA 133 (or placement into a higher level mathematics course)
Semester Offered
CH 110 is a prerequisite to all chemistry courses above the 100-level.