CH 231: Inorganic Chemistry

Class Program
Credits 4.0

This course will teach students about the field of Inorganic Chemistry which addresses some of the most pressing challenges of our time. Whether the problem involves making new materials to harness solar energy, drawing inspiration from nature to convert methane to methanol, or developing metal-based pharmaceuticals and catalysts, inorganic chemistry is fundamental to the solutions. This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamental principles of inorganic chemistry and expands upon what is learned in general chemistry by providing new ways of understanding electronic structure, bonding, and reactivity. In this course we will explore the entire periodic table (even carbon - as long as it's bound to a metal!). We will start by discussing about the properties of the nucleus, the origin of atoms and how they bond, and then apply our bonding models to transition metal chemistry. Additionally, we will devote class time to examining current research in order to learn what the big questions are in inorganic chemistry and what motivates leading researchers in this field. Three class hours and one three-hour laboratory period per week.

Prerequisite Courses
Semester Offered