Biology with Clinical Laboratory Science


Clinical Laboratory Science is an excellent career option for students with strong laboratory skills who do not wish to pursue lengthy graduate study. Clinical Laboratory Science professionals play a critical role in health care although they may rarely have direct patient contact.

Students who wish to pursue a career in clinical laboratory science (medical technology) may complete the prerequisite courses at Illinois College in three years and apply for admission to the OSF Healthcare St. Francis Medical Center for the professional year. After successful completion of the fourth year of study at OSF, students will earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a concentration in Physiology and a certificate in clinical laboratory science/medical laboratory technician from OSF. To earn a B.S. in Health Sciences after successful completion of the professional year, students must also complete two psychology courses at Illinois College: PS 101 Intro to Psychology and either PS 276 Lifespan and Development or PS 346 Abnormal Psychology.

Students must complete an additional two courses in chemistry chosen from the following:

Item #
Sub-Total Credits

Additional Requirements

PY 201 College Physics I is strongly suggested but not required for admission to the professional year.

Students who chose to complete the B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Physiology during a fourth year at Illinois College must complete BI 238 Evolution and Ecology, one quantitative elective (see list under the biology major) and also complete a capstone course in Biology (BI 401 and BI 402, HS 402, or BI 404).

Students who chose to complete the B.S. in Health Sciences during a fourth year at Illinois College must complete HS 402 Health Sciences Senior Seminar or the Interdisciplinary Capstone IS 485: A Liberal Arts Survival Guide and a social science/humanities elective from the list in Health Science, in addition to the two psychology courses mentioned above.

Students complete at least 90 credit hours at Illinois College. They will transfer back credits from OSF to reach the 120-credit minimum for graduation (at most 30 credits back from OSF).

Courses taken at OSF will be:

  • CLS 410 Clinical Chemistry I
  • CLS 412 Clinical Chemistry II
  • CLS 420 Clinical Hematology
  • CLS 430 Clinical Hematosis
  • CLS 440 Clinical Immunohematology
  • CLS 450 Clinical Immunology
  • CLS 460 Clinical Microbiology I
  • CLS 462 Clinical Microbiology II
  • CLS 470 Selected Topics in CLS
  • CLS 480 Management and Education

Courses will transfer back to cover senior capstone in biology or health sciences, an additional elective, and for completion of credits to graduate.

Total Credits