The BLUEprint 3.0 General Education Program

Illinois College gives you a BLUEprint for your future, a general education program with the themes of connections, skills, and communities. The BLUEprint 3.0 lasts throughout college. You learn about the ways people act together, preparing you for citizenship. You learn the skills employers want: how to solve a problem, how to come up with new ideas, how to communicate well, and how to collaborate. BLUEprint 3.0 shows you the way to an inspiring and practical education.

Lists of courses that fulfill each of the BLUEprint 3.0 categories are available on Connect2.

A. The core of the Illinois College BLUEprint 3.0 general education program consists of 12 courses.

FOUNDATIONS (3 courses):
Foundations prepare you for the challenges of college.

  1. First-Year Seminar: Introduces you to all of the major ideas and skills you need to prepare for your college career.
  2. English Composition: Prepares you for college-level writing and research.
  3. Speech Fundamentals: Teaches you the skills to comfortably speak in public.

EXPLORATIONS (8 courses):
You explore the world, choosing where you will focus your knowledge and strengthening those skills you need in college and later.

Take at least one course in each category and then choose where to take the other four. (Your choices must include courses from four disciplines and only one course can be in your primary major. Limit of three courses per category.)

  1. Creative Expressions: Explore creativity. Create works of art, music, theatre, or creative writing. (1 studio course required)
  2. Cultures and Worldview: Explore cultures. Consider how the ideas of your own culture have affected who you are now.
  3. Science in Society :Explore the scientific method. Understand the connection between science and societal issues. (1 lab course required)
  4. Social, Spiritual, and Philosophical Issues: Explore your own values and the meaning of your life by learning from others who have asked big questions.

In your Senior Capstone Experience, you use skills and knowledge you have learned through BLUEprint 3.0 and in your major. It prepares you for post-college problem-solving. This course must be completed at Illinois College.

B. To follow the rest of BLUEprint 3.0, choose courses and activities that build connections and skills. Some courses are in your major. Some are Explorations courses. Some are part of your life as a student, such as writing for the College newspaper or carrying out a service project through a student organization.


Embedded experiences give you practice in the skills you need to prepare you for your future profession. Often you can learn by doing, through community service, study abroad, student leadership, and public writing or speaking.

  1. Writing Extensive: Learn how to write well, preparing for your future career.
        Four experiences:
    • one satisfied in your Foundations writing course
    • one fulfilled through your major
    • one completed in your Senior Capstone Experience
    • any other designated course or approved co-curricular activity
  2. Speaking Extensive: Practice presenting your ideas to others with confidence and skill.
        Four experiences:
    • one satisfied in your Foundations speech fundamentals course
    • one fulfilled through your major
    • one completed in your Senior Capstone Experience
    • any other designated course or approved co-curricular activity.
  3. US Diversity/Global Awareness: Understand the needs and dreams of different groups of people.
       Three experiences:
    • one completed in a world language course at the 102-level or above
    • one completed through a course with a significant U.S. Diversity component
    • one completed through a course designated as Global Awareness or an approved BreakAway/Study Abroad
  4. Community/Civic Engagement: Take action to make the world a better place.
        One experience:
    • a designated course or independent study
  5. Preparing for Ethical and Responsible Action: Understand how to make the best choices in your life.
        Three experiences:
    • one satisfied in your speech fundamentals course
    • one fulfilled through your major
    • any other designated course
  6. Information Literacy: Discover how to separate trustworthy from misleading information.
        Three experiences:
    • one satisfied in your English composition course
    • one fulfilled through your major
    • any other designated course
  7. Statistical Literacy: Understand statistics to make good decisions, from voting to choosing insurance.
         One or two experiences:
    • either one course in statistics or two courses designated with statistical components
  8. Reading Intensive: Fulfilled by 1 course with two-thirds of course time and assignments devoted to written texts (especially primary sources)

Your education happens everywhere on the Illinois College campus. Specialized knowledge in your major combined with the deep and broad learning of BLUEprint 3.0 prepares you to take on the world. By working closely with faculty, practicing skills for the future, learning about the world, and choosing your own values, you will be ready to practice and encourage respect for everyone, lead and serve your community, and show integrity through all you do.